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Justice Is Still Out There

Criminal Defense and Civil Suit Investigations

The most valuable tool any investigator has is the experience they have in thinking outside the box.  Words like analysis, evaluation and gravity speak to the value of evidence gathered by investigators to create reasonable doubt in criminal proceeding or preponderance of evidence in a civil proceeding.  Our staff has more than a quarter-century of combined law enforcement experience at the municipal, county and federal law enforcement levels.  We put that experience to work for you.

Aerial Investigative Support

Aerial support adds the third dimension to the investigative mix.  It goes a 'step beyond' to offer a dynamic perspective to evidence that would not otherwise standout.  Our videographers have created professional video trailers and documentary projects for a variety of venues when quality and 'attention to detail' were an absolute imperative.

Computer Forensics Investigation

Computer Forensics is a fancy way of saying we investigate the previous state and content of an electronic device.  Computers can delete data but seldom is it gone forever.  Using decades of computer knowledge, our forensics team recover even the most obscure traces of data from systems previous considered lost. 

Internet Domain Recovery

Internet Domain Names are considered Intellectual property.  This means they mimic legal qualities equal to those of real property.  Many domain owners lack this knowledge when they purchase their domain from their registrars.  Years can often go by before they realize their domain is in the hands of a former employee who has no interest in returning possession of the domain to the company.

Internet Website Recovery

More investigations into websites are initiated daily.  Damages from infected, hijacked or otherwise disturbed websites can quickly escalate and translate into millions of dollars in losses and damages.  The age old question of 'who to call' is now answered.  Global Eye Investigations is well versed in the preparation, consideration and conduct of these investigations.

Internet related investigations are rapidly becoming a very specialized field of private investigation.  Global Eye Investigations is at the forefront of these investigations.